Soju Yakult

Soju and Yakult is a popular South Korean cocktail that marries the subtlety of soju with the creamy sweetness of Yakult, a probiotic yogurt drink.

This simple yet delightful blend typically involves mixing a shot of soju, a Korean spirit with a mild flavor, with a bottle of Yakult, creating a harmonious concoction.

The result is a smooth, slightly tangy, and refreshingly sweet beverage that's both easy to enjoy and deceptively potent.

This cocktail has become a beloved choice, often enjoyed for its balanced taste and the surprising twist it adds to the traditional Korean spirit, making it a delightful fusion of cultures and flavours.


  • Ice
  • 60ml Yakult yogurt drink
  • 60ml Soju
  • 60ml Sprite or 7-Up, or club soda if you don't want extra sweetness


  1. Fill a glass about halfway with ice.
  2. Pour in Yakult, Soju, and top with Sprite.
  3. Stir to mix before enjoying!