The Penicillin cocktail is a modern classic celebrated for its innovative blend of flavors and touch of smokiness. Created in the early 21st century, combines Scotch whisky, honey-ginger syrup, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

What sets the Penicillin apart is the float of smoky Islay Scotch on top, adding depth and complexity to the drink.

The result is a harmonious symphony of flavors: the whisky's robust character is complemented by the sweet warmth of honey and ginger, brightened by the citrusy tang of lemon, and rounded off by a hint of smoky intrigue.

Served over ice and often garnished with a candied ginger or a lemon twist, the Penicillin is both a work of modern mixology art and a flavorful journey, making it a beloved choice for those who seek a refined yet adventurous cocktail experience.


  • 60ml Blended Scotch
  • 22.5ml Fresh lemon juice
  • 22.5ml Honey simple syrup
  • 4 nickel-sized Slices of ginger
  • 7.5ml Smoky Islay Scotch


  1. Put ginger slices and honey syrup in the base of a shaker and gently muddle.
  2. Combine other ingredients (except Islay Scotch) and shake with ice.
  3. Double-strain into an ice-filled rocks glass.
  4. Float the Islay Scotch over the top of the drink by pouring it over a bar spoon for even distribution.
  5. Garnish with candied ginger on a cocktail pick.