IWA 5 Sake - Assemblage 1 - 720ml

Sake Sake

IDR 3.300.000

ABV: 16%
Brand: IWA 5
Category: Sake
Country: Japan
Size: 720ml
Sub Category: Sake
Variety: Junmai Daiginjo
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Founder and maker, Richard Geoffroy’s pursuit of beauty propelled him to the highest reaches of his profession. Born in the heart of Champagne country, he became the fifth chef de cave for Dom Pérignon Champagne and charted the course of the legendary wine for 28 years. He is now launching into a new experiment, hoping to contribute to a story started in Japan a thousand years ago: Sake.

In his search for renewed harmony at IWA, Richard Geoffroy pursues the dream of a grand Japanese Sake. A Sake absolutely true to Sake - with its salient flow of sensations - yet embracing and expanded in character. IWA 5’s most salient characteristics are balance and complexity – it is rich yet weightless. It is all about coherence and harmony, a seamless flow of sensations. 5 is the universal number of balance and harmony, a symbol of union and quintessence. For IWA, 5 represents Assemblage.

IWA 5’s unique character: embracing diverse cultures and cuisines. It has an intriguing capacity to pair with a great array of food: the Sake has sort of an inherent versatility to consistently, ingeniously adjust itself right to the level of the food, sensibly, from the delicate to the robust, from light to dark flavors. IWA 5 can pair successive dishes throughout one single meal. It can also respond to various drinking moments at different temperature points (as wide as 5-55°C) in different glassware. IWA5 can be so fitting for a (wine) tasting menu just as well, served by the glass and enhancing the coherence of the overall demonstration.

6°C – Caviar, avocado emulsion, Espelette pepper
12°C – Gamberoni, Thai aromatic broth
16°C – Kobe beef, slow-cooked, black garlic, white pepper, candied eggplant
20°C – Stilton, pear, grated 90% chocolate
35°C – Kumquat, warm pie, ginger

IWA 5 Sake - Assemblage 1 - 720ml

IWA 5 Sake - Assemblage 1 - 720ml

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IDR 3.300.000

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