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  • Konishi Daiginjo Hiyashibori 720ml
Konishi Daiginjo Hiyashibori 720ml

By : Konishi

Winner of Grand Gold Medal (2014) and Gold Medal (2015) at the Fine Sake Awards, Konishi Gold is a result of years of research and development by the experimental arm of Konishi Shuzo that releases sake under the family name.

Alcohol Content 15.5%
Aroma Fruity with citrus and ananas in the nose.Intense powerful aroma of fruit and flowers thanks to the single pasteurization process.
Finish Well balance, goes down smoothly with an extra alcohol added.
Palate Light-bodied, clean, elegant and simple with low acidity and delicate citrus, cucumber & pear flavours.
Serve a cool drinking temperature (10-15°C)


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