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  • Vina Tabali Talud Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml
Vina Tabali Talud Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

By : Tabali

A slope (un talud) leading up to a mountain where centuries of rock falls have left the soil beneath full of large angular rocks, and therefore useless for most agriculture. Deposited hugger-mugger amongst the clay and sand however, they offer perfect drainage and allow vines to grow, forcing their roots ever downwards in search of water, picking up minerals along the way.

Alcohol Content 14%
Aroma This wine has a very elegant and fresh nose with lots of black fruit that give it character and singularity. The French oak makes a subtle contribution, lending the wine great complexity.
Country Chile
Finish It has a long and very persistent finish.
Palate In the mouth it is very concentrated with excellent, smooth, silky and firm tannins. This is a well-balanced, fresh wine, packed with fruit in which the notes of blackcurrants, black cherries and spices are especially notable.


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