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  • Greenall's The Orginal London Dry Gin 700ml
Greenall's The Orginal London Dry Gin 700ml

By : Greenall's

Greenall’s Gin is a classic London Dry gin with rich juniper notes, balanced with mature citrus and spice.  The gin is distilled in a traditional copper pot still with eight botanicals added by hand which include juniper, coriander and angelica.

Greenall’s Gin, the Great British Spirit, was first distilled in 1761 and is made using English grain spirit. and it has been continuously produced by G&J Distillers to the same recipe for over 250 years.

Alcohol Content 37.5%
Aroma Rounded juniper notes and mature citrus flavours, which are fresh and punchy; finishes with woody, earthy aromas and warm spice.
Color Crystal clear
Country Great Britain
Palate A lasting finish with delicate bitterness and residual sweetness.
Type Gin


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