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  • Antarctica Cognac 500ml
Antarctica Cognac 500ml

By : Godet

In March 2008, Jean-Jacques Godet, embarked on a sailing trip to Antarctica accompanied by 10 crew members. They landed on the Antarctic continent, at 70 degrees south of the equator. Never has such a small yacht succeeded in docking at such a level, a record was broken.

In honour of the accomplishment Cognac godet has created a unique cognac inspired by the purity and beauty of Antarctica. It is a cognac that was once itself endangered. Created from the Folle Blanche, it is a vine that only narrowly survived extinction from the Phylloxera of 1870. - Producer

Alcohol Content 40%
Aroma Floral, hints of caramel sweetness, chamomile, a hint of juniper, some dried apricot
Best Served Keep the bottle in your freezer. Serve iced cold in shot or in a cognac glass. Drink it neat or in a cocktail
Color Pale hue
Country France
Palate Good sweetness, dried fruits, a little chamomile again, sultana and orange blossom. Full, spicy and juniper-rich
Type Cognac


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