We're Open! Minuman.com’s brand new superstore is your go-to spot for all things booze

We’re excited to announce that our first ever minuman.com superstore is now open! You can now shop at our brand new brick-and-mortar store, located below Oakwood Suites La Maison in South Jakarta and right next to Rezeki supermarket.

Sign up to become a member by scanning a QR code in the store and filling in your details. Members get exclusive access to the store’s vast stock of wine, liquor, mixers, glassware, and more!

Minuman Superstore

Imagine a supermarket-sized facility, just for booze

That’s what’s in store for you at the minuman.com superstore! Intentionally arranged by precincts, there are dedicated sections for each type of alcohol.

The wine section is categorized by region, allowing for easier decision-making when purchasing in-store. Lightboxes located around the store lend vibrancy to your shopping experience.


Same prices, but better

Prices online are no different than prices in-store. The same promos online also applies in-store. However, the minuman.com superstore does you one better!

Only in-stores, get a bang for your buck by purchasing in cases of 3 or 6 bottles.

Minuman Superstore

Shopping on the go has never been this easy

More than just a go-to spot for all things wine and spirits, the minuman.com superstore also offers a self-pickup feature. Simply place your order on the minuman.com website, and pick up your purchase in person.

Can’t stop by the store to get your bottle? No worries! Order online and choose the Instant Delivery option. Gojek and Grab drivers will be able to pick up your purchase from the dedicated pickup station.

Visit the minuman.com store Mondays through Sundays, from 10am to 10pm.